CRIMSON Asset Management is a leading, independent and employee + partnership-owned investment firm that is focused on investing in high-quality, well-managed U.S. small cap companies that offer compelling capital growth potential for CRIMSON investors.  CRIMSON specifically targets value-centered investment opportunities amongst publicly-traded U.S. companies with strong financials and business models with a market cap of up to $4.5 Billion at the time of initial investment.

The key reasons CRIMSON is focused on investing in this area are: (1) this market segment consists of many of the fastest growing and most successful businesses in the world; (2) the founders and CEOs of these companies are typically in the prime of their business career and actively involved in running and growing the business; (3) there is typically little or no Wall Street research coverage of these companies at the time of CRIMSON’s initial investment creating a significant advantage for a highly-focused and nimble/opportunistic investor like CRIMSON that has the people, expertise and resources to complete its own forward looking proprietary investment research into such companies; and (4) many of these high-quality, well-managed companies are “prime acquisition targets” for larger companies – often acquired from CRIMSON investors in the public markets at highly attractive prices.

CRIMSON believes its sharp focus, experience and highly-disciplined value-centered approach to investing provides CRIMSON and our investors with a significant competitive advantage – allowing CRIMSON to be an extraordinarily nimble and opportunistic investor which is ideally-suited to times of market volatility and economic recovery such as we are experiencing today.